G10 Tournament Rules

IGCF-Giraffe chess G10 Match Rules and Regulations Revised as on 25-1-2022.

  1. Team: Each team consists of 7 players, 5 players play the  match and 2 players are substitutes. Among 5 Players,one player act as a captain.
  1. Toss: In toss, toss winning captain may choose White side or black side.White side is called Scoring side and black side is called stopping side.
  1. Giant Giraffe chess Court: Entire Match played on a single Giant giraffe chess court by one after one.
  2. Match: One innings per side. Each team play one inning with white side and another innings with black side based on toss. Each innings consists of 10 games. In the first inning, one team play all 10 games with white side and the another team play with black side. In second innings, they change sides and play all 10 games.
  1. Win: .After playing both teams on white side 10 games, whoever team scored more Kapitis is declared as winner of the match. Target Points (Kaptis)  and number of moves fixed by the first played white side team. For Example In India vs Australia Match. First Indian team Played on white side and scored 650 Kaptis in 450 Moves, next to win the match by Australia , that Australia has to play on white side and score 651 points in 450 moves. or else lost the match of the match.
  1. Play: White side team captain has to send players one after one to play their respective 5 games. If white side player win the game, he continue the next game to play till player out.  Black side team captain has to send their players one after one to play on black side by seeing white side player.
  1. Scoring: If white side player captures black side pieces he get points. For Pawn 4 Kaptis, for Rook 5 Kaptis, for Knight 6 Kaptis, for Giraffe 7 Kaptis, for Bishop 8 Kaptis, for Queen 9 Kaptis.
  1. Scoring for illegal moves:
  2. For every illigal 1 point with +30 seconds time awarded to the opponent . +30 seconds given to the player at the end of the 10 minutes time. illigal moves are not allowed. it is informed by umpires  immediately   and after correction only game continue.

 9.Time control: Time control for each game is 10 minutes, without increment, In between each game 2 minutes game break and in between innings 10 min inning break should allowed to players.

For each game only 70 Moves permitted par side.

  1. White side player scoring system:

For checkmate or stalemate win below 70 moves by white side is 143  Kaptis,

For crowing win below 70 moves by white side is : – captured points +10 Kaptis for awarded.

If white side could not win the game after his 70 moves, he declared lost the game only he gets only captured pieces Kaptis as his game score.

11 No Resign:  Resign is not accepted in the match. Player has to continue the game or leave the clock for time out.

 12.Tie : At the end of both teams innings, if scores are equal, then who ever team score more points in less moves is the winner.

13.50 moves revenge Rule: If game falls in an un-ended situation, Match referee give separate 50 moves in 10 minutes time and get the game result. Opponent unable to capture any piece after his 50 moves is declared as game looser.

  1. Officials: Match organized by 4 officials. one scorer, one umpire for white side and another umpire for black side. And one match referee.
  2. Match Duration: 200 minutes par innings.

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