All Outs League (AOL) Rules

GCF-Giraffe chess All Outs League  Rulesand Regulations Revised as on 10-5-2023.

1.      Rules: 

     1. Each team consists of 3 Players.

2.  Who ever team, All outs opponent team is the match winner.

3. After 2/4 games, if both sides won 1 / 2 games each respectively, then 1. lesser mover 2. Lesser timer 3. Checkmate/ stale mate or time out winner 4. Lesser capturer of a game(s) has right to take choose any side of his/her choice to play 3/5 game respectively. 5. Still tie, Decide side by toss

4Game winner of any side continue next game till out.

5.Time Control : 7 minutes without increment par side.6.