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International Giraffe chess federation (IGCF) is a registered Non-Profit organization working for the promotion Giraffe chess. It is the world governing body for the Giraffe chess.

Giraffe chess is a new chess variant. It is a result oriented and score based 68 square board game invented by  Indian school children Nadamala Bhagya shree and Nadamala Sai Kiran Reddy in the year 2012.

Giraffe jumps 4 squares in Long L shape in 3+1 or 1+3 squares. Check mate, stalemate and crowning is the win in this game. Triple repetition is illegal.

IGCF organize Giraffe chess tournaments around the world in 4 formats.1.G10; 2.G5; 3.Big-B; 4.Title Tournaments.

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