Welcome to 68 squared 70 moves new Giraffe chess board game

How to play Giraffe Chess

Giraffe chess is a new drawless board game innovated by Indian school children Nadamala Bhagya Shree and Nadamala Sai Kiran Reddy in the year 2012. It is played on 68 square board. Giraffes are added on each side to the standard chess board. Giraffes jumps 4 squares in long L shape in 3+1 or 1+3 pattern in total 4 squares. Remaining pieces moves are same as in standard chess. As giraffes are involved in playing chess, it is called as Giraffe chess. Each player play with 18 pieces:

  • 1 King
  • 1 Queen
  • 2 Rooks
  • 2 Bishops
  • 2 Knights
  • 2 Giraffes
  • 8 Pawns

Basic laws of Giraffe Chess

Winning by 4 ways : checkmate win , stalemate is also a win,  Crowning win (King reach opponent Giraffe squares, even though in check) and 70 moves win to black side. It is a 100% result oriented board game.

Arrangement of Pieces: Place each side 18 pieces on the 68 square giraffe chess board as shown in the picture

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Movement of Pieces

Pawn (P)

White pawns start on rank 2, black pawns on rank 7. The first time a pawn is moved it can move forward either one or two ranks. It cannot jump over another piece. After it has moved once, whether it has moved up one or two, a pawn can only move one square forward at a time, and it cannot move backward. Itcan capture any opponent coin in cross move.

Knight (N)

Knight jumps in small L-shape with 2+1 or 1+2 squares with total 3 squares. A knight moves one square over and two squares up, or two squares over and one square up, one square over and two squares back, etc. as long as the same shape and size of the jump is maintained.

Giraffe (G)

Giraffe moves in long L-shape with 3+1 or 1+3 squares with total 4 squares. A Giraffe moves one square over and three squares up, or three squares over and one square up, one square over and three squares back, etc. as long as the same shape and size of the jump is maintained. By its position each giraffe protects one side knight and on another side rook.

Bishop (B)

The Bishop moves diagonally (cross), any distance along a diagonal, without jumping over any pieces. A bishop that starts on a black square will always be on a black square, A bishop that starts on a white square will always be on a white square.

Rook (R)

The Rook moves in a straight line and side line in any direction, as many spaces as it likes, without jumping.

Queen (Q)

The Queen is the most powerful piece, as it can either move diagonally (cross) or in a straight line, which makes it like a bishop and rook put together.

King (K)

The most important piece on the board is the King. The king can move any side one square(left, right, forward, backward, and diagonally).

Special moves


If both the king and a rook have not been moved yet during the game, there are no pieces between
them, and the king is not in check, then the king and rook can move in a special way called castling: the king
moves two spaces toward the rook, and the rook moves to the other side of the king, right next to the king.

En passant

A player may capture another player’s pawn in passing (En Passant) under very specific circumstances. This move is designed to prevent a player from taking advantage of the two-square firstmove rule for pawns which might allow them to pass their opponent’s pawn(s) without a chance to capture.
The capture is made exactly as if the pawn moved only one square on the first move. In the picture, Black’s pawn moved up two squares as is its right. White captured the pawn by removing it from the board
and placing the passed white pawn on the square marked ep before playing another move. This move, like  any other, is optional and can occur as often as a similar situation arises between pawns.

Pawn promotion

If any pawn reaches 8th rank then it is eligible for  romotion. Pawn is replaced with any piece, generally with queen, except Giraffe (fig.1) . If pawn reaches 9 the rank, then replace with any piece
including giraffe. (fig.2)

Game Win by 4 ways

Checkmate win

If the King is in check further there is no way to get out of check, the position is a
checkmate. In the given below figure white king is in check, Further do not have way to get out of check, so
black side won (CM)

Stalemate win

Even though opponent king is not in check, and opponent player do not have a legal move,
the position is called a stalemate win. In given below figure white do not have legal move, so black side won

Crowning win

who ever side king reaches first opponent side Giraffe squares is called a crowning win
(FIG.1). Even though king is in check, it is a win (FIG.2). (CR)

4.70 moves win to black side:

White side player must win by 70 moves or else black side is the winner.


Kinds of illegal’s moves in giraffe chess and ways of legalize

Sl. No

illegal Move

Legal move



Touch move rule

Means touched piece must move, if moved another coin means illegal

Moved piece keep back in original position. Now first touched coin move in legal move, if it not having legal move, then move any other coin.



Without capturing touching the opponent coin is illegal

Keep back opponent coin in same position



Without saying word “I adjust” moving own coins illegal




Once picked up own coin then it has to keep any desired square quickly without continuously dragging on squares for longer time on the board or in the air. If does so it is illegal

Keep back in original position. The move a legal move.



On others turn, if you adjust own coin, it is illegal




Triple repetition is illegal

Means Coming back to the same position 3rd time by the same coin continuously is illegal

Keep back the coin, now make a legal move, if not have legal move then move any coin.



Moves coin in wrong way, it is illegal

Keep back coin, make a legal move



Moving pinned coin and king Opened for  check is illegal

Now keep back moved pinned coin. Now move king any legal place. If king does not have legal move, then move any other coin.



Pawn promotion with opponent coin is illegal




Placing Giraffe coin for pawn promotion in 8th rank is illegal




Wrong castling is illegal


1.      Moving with two hands

2.      Moving first Rook then King

3.      Castling king while in check

4.      Already Moved king or Rook do castling

5.      After castling king comes under check

6.      Wrong king and Rook positions in castling

Now, Keep two coins back in to their position, Now move king. If king do not have legal move then move Rook.



Mobile Sounds, Deliberately disturbs the opponent is illegal




IGCF Competitions in Giraffe chess:
1.Title tournaments- (Little, young, best, super and Great scholar )
2. Individual Tournaments- Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles (Best of 3 Games)
3. Team tournaments - All outs league (Thribles) and Fives

Points System

Every game winner get 1 point, Every Game loser get 0 points in individual games.


Every game winner get 1 point, Every Game loser get none/Remain in same points.


1. Little Scholar – Reaching 25 points
2. Young Scholar – Reaching 50 Points,
3. Best Scholar – Reaching 100 Points,
4. Super Scholar – Reaching 500 points,
5. Great Scholar- Reaching 1000 Points