BigB Individual Match Rules

IGCF-Giraffe chess Big B. Match Rules and Regulations
Revised as on 10-08-2022.

      1.   Big B. MatchIt is an individual match between two players.

  1. Toss: In toss, toss winning player may choose White side or black side. White side is called Scoring side and black side is called stopping side. Entire Match played on a single Giant giraffe chess court by one after one.
  2. Match: consists of 3 sets. Each set has 2 games. Each player play one game on scoring white side.
  3. Win: Best of  3 sets. Who ever win 2 sets
    is the winner.
  4. Moves: Each game has 70 moves. White side must win by 70 moves or else black side is the winner.
  5. Scoring: If white side player captures black side pieces he get points. For Pawn 4 points, for Rook 5 points, for Knight 6 points, for Giraffe 7 points, for Bishop 8 points, for Queen 9 points.
  6. Scoring for illegal moves: For every illigal 1 point with +30 seconds time  awarded to the opponent . +30 seconds given to the player at the end of  the 10 minutes time. illigal moves are not allowed. it is informed by umpires  immediately   and after correction only game
  7. Time control:Time control for each game is 10 minutes, without increment, In between each game 2 minutes game break 
  8. White side player can win the game by checkmate,
    stalemate, crowning, Early Checkmate, Early stalemate, Early crowning.
  9. Black side player can win the game by checkmate,
    stalemate, crowning, Early Checkmate, Early stalemate, Early crowning, 70 Moves win.
  10. White side player game win and scores:
    Scoring for Early Checkmate, Early stalemate, early crowning win : if white side player win the game so early, that is by capturing below 10 black pieces that is  1 to 9 black pieces, then white side player get total 93 points+57 points, total 150 points (Full score) award irrespective of captured pieces. Further, to this score, if any illegal move points are there, those points are add or deduct to the white side player score.                                                 
    For checkmate or stalemate win below 70 moves :- captured points +57 points,                          For crowing win below 70 moves: – captured points +7 points for awarded.       If white side could not finish the game by 70 moves, he declared lost the
    game. He gets only captured pieces points as his game score.
  11. No Resign:
     Resign is not accepted in the
    match. Player has to continue the game or leave the clock for time out.
  12. Set score Tie:
    At the end of both players on white side, if scores are equal, Who ever moves
    are less is the winner. Still tie lesser timer is the winner.
  13. Timeout:
    Black side time out is full score to white side i.e.150points.White side timeout then only captured points is the score to the white side.

  14. Titles:
    For white side player: Bright Star-100 points, Brilliant star-150 points, wise star- 101 to 149
    points, For Black side player:Rock star- for win within 35 moves. 
  15. Officials:
    Match organized by 4 officials. one scorer, one umpire for white side and
    another umpire for black side. And one match referee.
  16. Match Duration:
    130 minutes.